Benefits of Having A Sweet Table At A Banquet or Buffet

Benefits of Having A Sweet Table At A Banquet or Buffet

Banquets and buffets are supposed to be a show of indulgence and extravagance. Everyone loves walking into a party or special event to find huge tables laden with delicious food, amazing drinks and plenty of sweets and desserts to finish it all off! If you’re planning a special banquet or a huge buffet for important guests, here’s why you should consider adding a sweet table to the line-up:


It’s something totally different

Sweet tables are fabulously unique, and something that your guests might not have seen before. Rather than the traditional chocolate fountain or enormous celebratory cake, a sweet table offers an exciting new way for your guests to satisfy their sweet tooth after their main meal (or even before, if they’re true sweet-lovers!).

Sweet tables offer variety

A banquet or buffet is all about offering plenty of variety to your guests. There’s usually a diverse selection of appetisers, starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts for them to choose from – and a sweet table fits right in with this concept of giving your guests plenty of choice. Guests can pick at their favourite sweets, perhaps even try some they haven’t sampled before, and they’ll have lots of options!

Show-stopping extras

As part of my services at Sweet My Day, I also offer a range of additional sweet displays which are sure to impress all guests. From the beautiful Candy Ferris Wheel to the crowd-pleasing Ferrero Rocher pyramid, I can provide a truly breath-taking display that’s as delicious as it is beautiful! Your guests will be in awe.

Everything’s included

At banquets and buffets, guests can go up and help themselves to food whenever they like. Usually, for those organising the party, this means hiring additional utensils, glassware and serving equipment so that guests can pick up the food and move it to their plates in a hygienic manner. With my sweet table service, I provide everything your guests need to stock up on sweets, from glassware and name cards in front of each sweet bowl, to scoops, tongs and sweet paper bags/tubs.

Perfectly themed

My sweet tables can be created to fit in with any theme you’ve chosen for your banquet or buffet. Whether it’s a colour scheme or another type of theme (jungle, 80s, under the sea, casino), I can provide the sweets that will take your party to the next level. I have sweets available in every colour under the sun, and can create crowd-pleasing combinations that look fantastic.

Everything is taken care of

If you’re planning an enormous banquet for a huge number of guests, it’s likely that you’ll have your hands full dealing with guest lists, suppliers and other issues. Once your sweet table is booked and confirmed, I can take care of everything else. All you’ll need to do is let me know where to position my table, and I’ll handle it all, from perfecting the layout to packing it all up at the end of the party.


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