Benefits of Having A Sweet Table At A Christening Or Naming Ceremony

Benefits of Having A Sweet Table At A Christening Or Naming Ceremony

A christening or naming ceremony is a very special event in any child’s (and parent’s) life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the child’s entrance into the world, and it’s also a lovely chance for parents to appoint a number of special guardians for their little ones – a real honour.

Baptisms and naming ceremonies are memorable celebrations of childhood. There are often lots of children in attendance, and after the ceremony itself, it’s time for them to enjoy themselves with a party! Why not bring some real childlike joy to the event with a sweet table?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and advantages…


Perfect for children AND adults!

It’s undeniable: kids LOVE sweets. Whether it’s a fizzy lace, a candy necklace, a marshmallow or a bon bon, most children will do absolutely anything to get their hands on some sugar-laden goodness. For adults, sweet tables can be like a trip down memory lane. Many parents attending christenings or naming ceremonies can’t help but think back to when their own children were young, and having a table filled with vintage and retro sweets is a fabulous way to help them look back fondly over their child’s younger years.

They can be themed

All parties need a theme, and here at Sweet My Day, we provide sweet tables that dovetail perfectly with your theme, whether it’s a cartoon character, a colour scheme or a football team. For the avid Peppa Pig lover, we can provide a pretty pink table packed with shrimps, milkshake bottles, mini love hearts and strawberry Refresher bars. For the keen Chelsea fan, think Wham chewbars, jelly beans and blueberry lollipops. The options are endless!

An extra pair of hands

For events like weddings or corporate parties, I would usually set up the sweet table and leave the guests to devour the contents. When it comes to children’s parties like christenings and baptisms, I could be in attendance throughout. Parents won’t need to stand by the sweet table all day making sure that nothing is spilt or knocked over – that’s what I’d be there for! I have more than ten years of experience working with children in this capacity. I am fully qualified, insured, and approved by OFSTED, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

Sweet cones all round!

There’s no need to worry about wasting sweets with my christening offer. At the end of the party, each child will receive a sweet cone, so all the little ones (and probably some adults!) will go home with a tasty souvenir to commemorate the day. You’ll end up getting your money’s worth, and your guests will be seriously satisfied.

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